When I was 22 years old I had my life planned.  You see, I was a competitive swimmer my whole life.  I competed in college, and upon graduation I was determined to be a big league division 1 head coach.  I had a precise path to get exactly where I wanted, and I knew every step to take along that path.  Stepping stones were strategically set in place and I carefully navigated through them, breaking every critical barrier that would potentially limit me and my career down the road if I didn’t overcome them at the time.  I got my first job working at the University of Michigan; swimming powerhouse and home to a long history of Olympians and NCAA champions.  This was it.  The first stone was set and I was on my way to the big leagues.

If somebody had told me then, “When you’re closing in on 30, you’ll be married going on 4 years, have a baby and another on the way, be living in your hometown, and will be BACK in school for engineering…”, there’s about zero chance I would have believed them.  I was destined to travel; to use my job as a portal around the country and the world.  I was going to live, eat and breathe college swimming until the day I died.  Yet, here I am…almost 30, married nearly 4 years with a baby and another on the way, living in my hometown and yep…BACK in school for engineering.  And I couldn’t be happier.

My days are a lot different than they used to be, and a lot harder.  Between being a husband, a dad, a full time engineering student and working as an engineering student intern, there’s not much time to do much of anything else.  In a sea of mom blogs, I am hoping that this blog can shed some light on many of the same topics but from a dad’s perspective.  It can be stressful when everything is happening at once, but I always try to remember that I’m just having a dad day.

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